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Basic Blacksmithing

& Knife Making Classes

Heather's Heart Forge Steve Wayne Blacksmithing Blademsithing Knife Making Classes

Basic Blacksmithing and Knife Making Classes

A two day class with an experienced Blacksmith,

Bladesmith, and Farrier, Steve Wayne Papoojian


As a new desire to turn back to a simpler more self sustained way of life emerges in our society, people have begun to look back to the original ways of making things.  Heather's Heart Forge was opened to help bring knowledge and understanding to a unique craft. Classes are taught by Steve Wayne, an experienced, award winning blacksmith, farrier, and bladesmith with close to 40 years of experience. Steve is also a member of the American Bladesmith Society.


The course is a 2 day, 8 hour per day experience. Students will leave with knowledge of basic forging, safety techniques, an understanding of the machines used, usage of both a coal and propane forge,  and a completed knife. A full curriculum is available for those seeking to add a technology component to home schooling. Classes are kept small to provide 1 on 1 learning. Guest instructors are sometimes brought in to provide more information on different styles of bladesmithing. We are a fully insured shop and take safety seriously.


We also provide services to teach basic welding, and wood turning in which you can create your own pen or bowl. All materials are provided for all students.


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About Steve...

Steve Wayne Papoojian is a blacksmith originally from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He has traveled extensively throughout the US, and even lived "off-the-grid" in Athens, Maine.

Blacksmith Steve Wayne Papoojian Knife Wood Turning Blacksmith Classes
Blacksmith Steve Wayne Papoojian Knife Wood Turning Blacksmith Classes

Follow this link for more photos of Steve when he lived off-the-grid by Ned Whiteaker:


Blacksmith Steve Wayne Papoojian Knife Wood Turning Blacksmith Classes
Blacksmith Steve Wayne Papoojian Knife Wood Turning Blacksmith Classes




"My husband took the 2 day course a couple weeks ago and this is what he said:

My father (61) and I (34) took the course together as it was a Father’s Day gift. It was a terrific experience. The way the course was presented was well organized and had an emphasis on the elementary skills of blade-smithing. I really appreciated learning about what was happening to the metal as we were forging it.  The atmosphere was laid back with no pressure, I had no fear of ruining my knife and not going home with a final product. I think it is important to know, my father is a life time tradesmen and I myself have a good working knowledge of tools. We were able to set a faster pace, as a result, which allowed us ample time to ‘play’ with the process. But there is ample time in the two day course for someone with novice experience. Some working knowledge of tools is helpful but by no means necessary.  Stephen’s jovial attitude and pure love for the process of forging steel and creating his art is infectious. One of my favorite parts of the course was watching him work with skilled hands -Him demonstrating a skill with obvious life long training, then having us try it. Stephen moved throughout the Forge as we were blade-smithing keeping a watchful eye but giving us ample space as not to be hovering. I felt the level of supervision and tutelage was perfect."


Blacksmith, Bladesmithing, Knife Making, and  Wood Turning Classes

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